The Dyanamic Laws of Prosperity by Catherine Ponder

I just finished reading another one of Catherine Ponder’s classic books on prosperity and how to attract more of it in your life. The title is The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity and is just a longer version of her later smaller books on the same topic. I actually felt like I got more out of the skinny shortened version books on the same theme because it was more concise and to the point. So, I recommend getting one of those condensed versions, especially if your on the go and don’t have a lot of time to read a thicker book. She talks about how it is everyone’s God given right to be prosperous, healthy, and supported by the Universe. That God wants everyone to succeed and do well and to reap the benefits of thinking positive thoughts and taking concrete action by being persistent in following our dreams or aspirations. If someone or something knocks us down this should then give us more incentive or initiative to rise up and keep trying. She also talks about the benefit of tithing or giving a percentage of money to a spiritual community or church. This way the donation given to God or Spirit comes back to us. In the Bible the number ten is suppose to be a magic prosperous number so one would give ten percent of what they make. Ponder explains that many other successful people like Rockefeller, Colgate, Heinz, and Kraft practiced this ancient law of attracting money and Rockefeller would say, ‘God gave me my wealth.’  She also talks about being magnetic to attract what we desire. The way this is done is by deliberately having positive thoughts towards oneself and others. Saying certain statements like, ‘I am successful and only good comes to me’ often is one way. Some of the other ways she recommends to create more prosperity is to make a list of what one desires and to even make daily lists of what one wants to accomplish in a single day. Other techniques she talks about are to imagine what you want because the mind is powerful and does make the experiences in ones life. The same is true if a person is experiencing a lot of hardship and limitations, she believes that it all stems from the imaging one creates in ones own mind. Another activity that I would like to try is she suggests making a wheel of fortune board which has different aspects of ones life on it like career, relationships, health and positive images that go with each section, kind of like a wish board. I also like what she says about, “Nature abhors a vacuum” and because of that fact will rush in to fill it. So, if we get rid of clutter or things we don’t want or use then imagine what we DO want then nature will fill it for us in unexpected ways!  One other interesting pointer she has is on different types of prayer. She declares that, “the person who prays daily is certain to succeed, because he is attuning himself to the most richest, most successful force in the Universe.” She speaks of general prayer to God for whatever we need, prayer of denial or saying ‘no’ to something, prayers of affirmation, and prayers of silence or meditation. I thought that the prayer of denial was interesting because I’d never heard of it before. Basically, a person says ‘no’ in their mind to something in their life they don’t want anymore and this neutralizes fear, worry, sorrow, sickness etc. For example if one is in a unhappy or bad state/way then one would say ‘no’ I don’t accept this present condition I know I will get better and I am getting well. An affirmation she states is, “There is nothing for me to fear. God’s spirit or Good is at work and Divine results are coming forth” to dissolve worries and fears. I like to make up new affirmations of my own to fit what I am currently going after in life so I have assistance from Spirit and my own mind to make it happen! Ponder has many other useful old and new reminders about how to attract more prosperity so I definitely recommend reading one of her books!

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