To Hear the Angels Sing

This autiobiography by Dorothy Maclean pulled me in right away.  Partly because her life story starts out similar to my own: we were both born and raised in Canada and then travelled to the United States and other places. Also, she is linked to the Sufi world and Inayat Khan.  I use to go to Sufi camp with my Mom in the Rocky Mountains in Canada, Sufi meditation and folk dancing too.  The rest of the story is compelling too. She is one of the first people to start Findhorn in Scotland.  Her and two others began to plant a garden in very rock and depleted soil and miraculously turn it into nutrient rich soil.  Scientists and others who later test the soil are amazed at how rich it is and want to know their secret.  They start out by communicating with devas and angels and by listening to their instructions and helpful advice they are able to change the soil and grow many things. It is interesting to hear how the author starts out as listening to her own inner guidance and messages to then listing to the nature spirits that help them.  My daughter thinks it sounds corny but to anyone interested in higher beings, angels, or spirit this will be an interesting easy to read book.

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